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Check out a new clip from The Penguins of Madagascar movie, debuted during the DreamWorks Animation panel at Comic-Con!

This brings back good memory of working on the tv show. Still the same fun humour.

I love being able to recognize John Malkovich’s voice

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*points to favorite character* bisexual

*fandom crying loudly* no…stop……theyre not….they either homogay or heterostraight…..please don’t….

*points to favorite character again* love that bisexual

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Orphan Bisexual!





I’d care about bisexual representation more if characters who’ve always been assumed/presented as straight & always been straight-partnered turned out to discover that they also experience same-sex attraction, than if characters—esp. supposedly lesbian characters—who have only ever expressed interest in/attraction to the same sex were then revealed to be bisexual. The latter situation just throws in more heterosexuality & makes it one less gay or lesbian character to relate to.

This is why it’s so annoying when bisexuals get outraged at lesbians for interpreting a character as lesbian “because she might still like men!!!” The most recent example I can think of is Cosima Niehaus from Orphan Black, whom we’ve only seen date & show interest in a woman; yes I know the creators said she might be bisexual, but lesbians aren’t taking anything away from bisexuals for viewing her as lesbian, & who even cares, nobody wants to see her with a man. Why don’t these fuckasses get equally mad at people who label Siobhan Sadler or Paul Dierden or any of the other clones as straight, because they might like the same sex too! No one said they didn’t!

Some people have pointed this out but it bears repeating: Even in films labeled as lesbian films with canonically lesbian characters, it is extremely rare to see one where neither of the two female characters has boyfriends or husbands or hookups with men. I’ve seen exactly three movies out of a long list in which two female characters are proudly & unapologetically lesbian, never had boyfriends or husbands, & don’t have a major crisis over the horror of realising they’re attracted to women. We need more of that, & I want stories that give me the message that I don’t have to date or have sex with men, ever, to know for sure that I don’t want men.

I agree so much that taking a lesbian character and making them bi is incredibly unfair and unnecessary.

But I’m upset with your need to act as if this is somehow not also a problem for bi people. Do you think this sort of half-assed fake representation is what we need? Do you think it’s what we really want? I know some people accept these scraps and hang onto them for dear life, but I think that just shows how starved we are for any representation at all.

Also, making a character bi does not make a show more “heterosexual”. What the fuck are you saying. Bi people are not heterosexual. Bi people are not some sort of weird straight/gay mixture. We’re bi. It’s a separate sexuality of its own. 

However, what making a lesbian character into a bi character does do is play into the fantasies of straight men, who want to believe that deep down, all women are attracted to them and want them. Obviously, this hurts lesbians, as their identities are minimized, and gives people the idea that in the end all women must be attracted to men. But!! This is in no way true acceptance of bi girls, but a fetishization of them. In this case the now bi girl is serving as a validation for heterosexual male sexuality and desire, propping up macho egos.

Lesbians and bi girls (and by extension, all bi people) both lose in this situation. We are both so hurt by this. Please stop acting as though bi girls are somehow getting a good deal out of being reduced to a fetish object.

uuuum sooooo you are basically relabeling a confirmed bisexual character as a lesbian, literally taking one of the few confirmed bisexual characters the bisexual community has ever gotten, furthering the historical bisexual erasure that has plagued our community in the process, and to top it all off you are getting pissed at us for getting mad because “lesbians aren’t taking anything away from bisexuals for viewing her as lesbian”??? ok

op are you trying to not make sense because it is definitely working 👌

She ~might~ be bisexual… Sure when it is explicitly stated that Cosima is in fact bi, it actually means she ‘might’ be… by a tiny chance… m.i.g.h.t!

Lesbians aren’t taking anything away from bisexuals for viewing relabeling her as lesbian … Yeah, right, that does not take away any representation at all. No biggie, because bi women already have so many canonically bi characters. Emily from PLL, for example, is bi in the books and also ~bi~ on the Show… Oh wait, hahahaa… But there clearly is no pattern of erasing multisexualities, nooo…

More ~heterosexual~ … Really? Because bi people are basically straight with just a tiny hint of gay for funs, giggles, and edgyness? But of course, relabeling and lack of visibility do no harm at all and don´t result in misunderstandings of what being bi means…


As for the “no one wants to see her with a man” part, I’d like to bring on a little quote by the bisexual activist Dr. Herukhuti: 

"By selecting which loved ones and sexual partners in someone’s life are worthy of being recognized, bi erasure is a violent amputation of a person’s chosen family and community." 

And yes, Cosima is a fictional character, but we are not. We can hear you and your biphobic bullshit is hurting us. Basically, @dragonsupremacy you don´t care about bisexual representation at all and your pity leftovers are insulting!

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Musical theatre people be like


This guy is the only one who has managed to make consistently good and inoffensive vines. 

Thomas Sanders, in case anyone was wondering.

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when people point out problematic and offensive things in media we are really sincerely not trying to ruin it for you

i know it feels like that and sometimes finding out an author is shitty or that a movie is racist can really sour the story you mightve enjoyed, but these are REALLY important things to acknowledge and yes, get angry about

because if no one is getting upset and people keep making excuses for these kinds of things they will continue to be considered acceptable and there’s no way any effort will be made to change things

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